Nothing succeeds like success


It is one thing that we run a lot of courses and trainings with different companies, in many cases it is all about training them into how they can be successful in their own world and in their own business cases in a proper way, and still stay in control. Once you are trained and […]

Are you planning to spin your customers in 2019?


One of the most common request we get from our participants and clients, are that they would like to be more in control, be more confident, and to have a great tool box that they can use in different situations that occur. The issues they bring up, on both sides, are that the customers are […]

Does your nationality and culture have a say in how you do business?

IMG_0125 2

Before I had the pleasure of meeting different people from all corners of the world , I did not care or even think of how we interact with each other when it came to doing business. Interesting enough nationality and culture can have a great impact on your business negotiation when it comes to how […]

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