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60 Years of Experience

In BellBlomquist Consulting we have jointly over 60 years of knowledge, experience and skills in our different core businesses.
Between us we master English, Swedish and Danish. We cover Sweden, Denmark and Norway, occasionally we do assignments in EU.

Sales Training, Management Systems, Facilitation, Consultation, Coaching, Mentoring, Tutor, Sales Manager, Licensed Course Leader, Account Manager, HR, Health & Safety, Environment, Winback Account Manager, Project Manager, Audits, Lead Auditor, Marketing Manager, Regional Manager, Protective Security, Business Development, Course Development.

Always Striving For More

I have worked as a Business Coach, Consultant, Tutor and Facilitator with different types of workshops where we provide feedback on what participants are doing right and wrong in different business situations.

The companies we train are primarily global commercials, but also represent companies from IT, Cosmetics, Medicine and Industrials.

A great deal of our workshops include giving tips and trix as well as advice on business cases and business situations our customers are in.

For the last 15 years, I have worked as a licensed Facilitator, Coach and Tutor for different international commercial concepts in Scandinavia.
All of them focusing on business and personal development.

Many of my jobs have also been about driving development and finding new business opportunities in companies where today's markets are becoming increasingly more demanding.

Christopher Bell Blomquist

My ability to quickly see the big picture, as well as understanding the details required, enables me to understand the needs of both Companies and employees.

I have worked with quality, management system environment, work environment and follow-up since the early 1990's.

My endeavor has always been to create and secure a workplace that supports business and has a high level of security at all levels.

It is also important that working methods and follow-up ensure a high and safe quality in delivery and that it is followed by everyone throughout the organization based on requirements, relevance and needs.

My broad work experience contributes to my ability to get into different situations and requirements and understand the different needs of the business at the same time as the business perspective is ensured

Felicity Bell Blomquist


Meet The Team

Managing Director, Consultant at BellBlomquist Consulting, fluent in Danish, Swedish and English.

Christopher's broad business experience covers from the media industry to the construction and IT/Telecom industry.

In his roles as a real estate agent, am, kam, coach, facilitator, course leader, business developer, marketing manager and sales manager, he has worked with both with fmcg, smcg, b2b, b2c, c2c and corporate customers, procurement, am, kam, leaders, ceo, agents, finance companies and banks.

Christopher was born in Dominica, a small island between Barbados and Guadeloupe,
where his parents bought an old farm in 1957.
His mother was from Denmark and worked as an artist for more than 50 years.

His Swedish father was a Engineer who went to the Pacifics and brought back salvage war scrap.
In his spare time Christopher is a keen costal fly fisher that loves to film and write about catching Sea trouts.

Christopher BellBlomquist
Senior Consultant
Felicity BellBlomquist
Senior Consultant

Managing Director, Consultant at BellBlomquist Consulting.

Felicity's experience extends over 30 years in a variety of companies, industries and roles, she is fluent in Swedish and English.

As Project Manager, Leader, Audit Leader, Quality and Environment Manager and Protective Security Officer she has been active in the Telecom, IT and Energy industry.

Telia Data, Telia Sonera, ÅF Infrastructure and One Nordic are some of the companies for which she has worked

Felicity was born in London and moved to Sweden as a toddler.
Her mother was a famous concert and opera singer and performed for example at
La Scala in Milano and Royal Albert Hall in London.

Her father is now retired from Music Director Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.
As a child Felicity participated in the play Klas Klättermus as a wee dancing mouse.

About Our Clients

One of our cornerstones is to always be discreet with who and what we help our clients with, something that only becomes more and more important for companies in a tougher and more fast moving world.
Due to our integrity policy and security agreements with our clients we will not display their names. However we can disclose in what Global industries we are active in.


What People Say

I strongly recommend Christopher as a sales coach, since he likes to enhance the individual's performance in a professional way. He has a stong drive, is both humorous and humble. I wish him good luck in future!

Key Account Manager Industry

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