Consulting Coaching


60 Years of Experience

In BellBlomquist Consulting we have jointly over 60 years of knowledge, experience and skills in our different core businesses.
Between us we master English, Swedish and Danish. We cover Sweden, Denmark and Norway, occasionally we do assignments in EU.

Sales Training, Management Systems, Facilitation, Consultation, Coaching, Mentoring, Tutor, Sales Manager, Licensed Course Leader, Account Manager, HR, Health & Safety, Environment, Winback Account Manager, Project Manager, Audits, Lead Auditor, Marketing Manager, Regional Manager, Protective Security, Business Development, Course Development.

Consulting Coaching
Always Striving For More

Motivation and the right skills are the two magic words when it comes to keeping your manpower productive and focused. But it can be difficult to find the extra time, resources or experience to give people what they need to deliver their best performance.

Through the coaching process we can work together to identify your strengths and weaknesses and then develop and enhance the skills you need.

Over time you’ll notice a real boost in your professional performance.

You hire us as a consultant to do something for your business. We have resources, knowledge, and experience that can supplement you in your efforts.
We typically focus to develop your skills, performance, or other issues that you want help with.

We can also challenge your thinking, give you an outsider’s viewpoint and help to ensure your plans hold water.

We help you get the work done without having to do it yourself.

Organizations can increase revenue when they focus on improving how their people interact with prospects and customers. Some companies struggle to effectively coach people for improved impact and quality.

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