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Protective Security
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All public agencies are obliged to perform a security analysis,  to identify what exactly has to be protected against adversary threats. An adversary threat exists when an adversary has both the intent and the capability to act, and when this action would have negative consequences for the operation of the agency in question. Incidents such as natural disasters and extreme weather, cable fires, pandemics etc. are not included in the security analysis but are dealt with in a risk and vulnerability analysis.

Adversary threats are different from ordinary daily incidents. Incidents resulting from serious adversary threats often feature some unprecedented action. This means that it is difficult to predict the likelihood of an attack occurring in the near future or even in the medium term, quite simply because there are no statistics on such unusual incidents. What can be said however is that such attacks could have serious and unacceptable consequences for the operations of an agency and for the nation.

As not all operations of an agency are considered critical, it is important to identify the ones that are, i.e. areas where the consequences of an adversary attack may have an impact on national security. In our experience, many public agencies struggle to identify their critical assets and therefore find it difficult to devise adequate protective measures.

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