Business Development


60 Years of Experience

In BellBlomquist Consulting we have jointly over 60 years of knowledge, experience and skills in our different core businesses.
Between us we master English, Swedish and Danish. We cover Sweden, Denmark and Norway, occasionally we do assignments in EU.

Sales Training, Management Systems, Facilitation, Consultation, Coaching, Mentoring, Tutor, Sales Manager, Licensed Course Leader, Account Manager, HR, Health & Safety, Environment, Winback Account Manager, Project Manager, Audits, Lead Auditor, Marketing Manager, Regional Manager, Protective Security, Business Development, Course Development.

Business Development
Always Striving For More

The business developer is often brought on to complement a team, where the people who do the work also are tasked with bringing in new clients. As a Business developer we help companies increase their business by providing a outside strategic approach with our Win Clinics or Win back Clinic workshops.
As a Business developer we are expected to identify potential clients, approach them, and close deals for you. we can also be responsible for meeting sales targets and growing your company over specified time.

A Business Developer doesn’t always have a tangible product or service. Instead, he or she is tasked with selling people’s time or the result of people’s time.
We can help you with building your special business principles so you can achieve the same optimal result time after time . We do it by defining the process and skills you need to repeat and train your company in.
Most important it is to make sure your customers and your company see them self as part of the process ,and that they see the value of holding on to it over time.

The responsibilities of a business developer is often more broad than that of a salesperson. They could include activities such as strategic planning, Win Clinics, Win back Clinics or even training.

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