“Always Angry” might not be the best way of managing your business, it might be a better idea to go from “Anger management” to “Angry management” as long as you know what you are doing and why you should have it as strategy or not.

Many times when we are determined to reach a curtain goal we can sometimes come across as being aggressive , when all we realy want is to get things done.

The more you grow your self confidence the more you should try to stay humble, otherwise there is a great risk that people will grow tired of you and start to avoid doing business with you.

Don’t be afraid of being determined and goal focused , just make sure you don’t run over other people when its not your intention to inflict any damage.

It is not uncommon to hear people say “what did I do wrong” when issues and relationships has gone wrong, in many cases it can be difficult to repair it and in other cases its a long way back to restore trust again.

Once you are able to distance yourself from reacting with feelings in any type of business relationships then you really turn yourself into an unstoppable force to be recon with for anyone trying to stop you or wanting to do any future business with you.

Predators are not necessarily aggressive or evil, they go about doing what predators do because they ar top predators and only put themselves in harms way if they go berserk every time they hunt for prey.

It is much better to do a calculated risk rather than just go head first into any kind of situation that might at first glance look easy to settle, or easy to win, I am actually amazed how often we under estimate situations and just wing it, rather than solve it as we should.

For a long period in life I have reacted emotionally to people both family and in other relationships by taking it personally, over the years I have learned to not react to it as before, and in many cases I don’t even react at all emotionally anymore.

I always ask myself why are they doing what they do ,and what is the reason for their behavior, in most cases they do it because the are successful in solving matters by being as they are, but really don’t understand that they are ruining relationships in the long run by doing what they do.

Being angry or decisive can easily be mixed up when you are on the receiving end of an situation, try to see beyond the behavior and focus on the matter instead.

If you get angry, send yourself an email where you react to the issue, wait a day, read it and redraft your draft before deciding what to say, and what to do next instead of jumping to a conclusion and solution instantly.

It is much better to do a considered counter reaction a day or two later, were you think trough what to do, and what would be the proper way of solving the situation, and what it will cost you in the end for reacting or acting as you do.

Revenge or getting even has never really produced any real value over time, in many cases you are just putting yourself in future harms way, because any reaction or action has in many cases an equal reaction or counteraction as an answer.

The only time this really plays itself out is in an open conflict, typically in war, you might win, but the cost can exceed cost you can bare or accept, it actually one of the few times a principle can beat another principle, and usually why war starts at all.

So be as aggressive as you want as long as it suits your goal or goals, but take the cost into consideration, if it gets you what you want and you think the price is fair enough for you, then do a damage report to see what it will cost you over longer time period.

If you really want to find any more options in how to move forward, give us a call, we might be able to give you some useful insights before you decide to act, advice built on many years of dealing with people and companies and doing a lot of misstakes.

Christopher Bell Blomquist Consulting
Managing Director
Lead Negotiator Consultant
Scotwork Sweden