Has your business changed ?


In my one case, I have been traveling a lot and at the same time had a couple of trainings both virtually and face to face.

It’s a big difference in attitude and behavior once you start to move around and interacting with people and companies.You also see a change in behavior and that people actually are looking forward to meet again.

Staying at hotels are a big difference, aspecially if you take a business view and not only restrict your self to people having a vacation.

Some of my clients travels a lot especially within Europe and to the UK, over seas its a bit more tricky , you also see more and more important meetings still being done over Zoom or Teams.

So what has realy changed and what can we expect of the future and how we will interact with people ?


One thing is curtain to me, it has changed and it will continue to change, this is not just a smal step to something else, this is about adapting to continuous change that will have a major impact on a lot of different markets around us.

Going back to as it was before, is not an option, while a lot of people being home and now being brought back to commuting again will trigger people starting to question if this is really the best way of moving forward.

Once you hav had a taste of what is means working from home and traveling less than before, then I am sure people will start looking for new ways of moving forward.

A couple of my friend has even moved abroad and sold everything at home , but the will still work or the same markets as before.

They are convinced that the new way of doing business will be it does not matter were you or your clients are, you will aways be able to work from nowhere.

At the same time I am wondering if business has gone more regional or national, not necessarily global or local, its more a move toward some where in between.

I can also see a major change towards electrical cars and longer hauls rather than flying or going by train, staying over rather than trying to get b ack and forth in a day is another behavior thats developed or occurred.

Redundancy has become very important, a lot of knowledge is connected to some key people and if they would get sick or not available for what ever reason their could be then a lot of companies would be in trouble.

In other cases I find that some companies don’t even know what would be good for them and the think they know what the remedy is without actually consulting with experts.

Going back to as it was before is not going forward, if you ask me, but thats me just a consultant meeting a lot of different companies from all over the world.

Christopher Bell Blomquist Consulting
Managing Director
Lead Negotiator Consultant
Scotwork Sweden