When one door closes


Even with the best intentions things do not always develop in the direction you expect, and sometimes when one door closes another door opens.

Recently I have had some clients that due to circumstances has a policy that they do not render some services due to that their experiences is that it can be used against them later on.

Once I got them to explain with an example I realized how important it is to not only do as you say but also to be consistent with what you do or at least live by your principals.

Long term relationships are at best when both parties can rely on each other, once one side start to alter the play rules as they go it has a deep impact on how much you can trust each other.

I am not surprised at all when I see old well founded relationships suddenly alter to an extent where both parties decides to go their own way and end their relationship.

They might find a way back and in some cases even get a better relationship out of it, but in many cases it is the end of the road and it’s better to focus on new opportunities.

The pandemic has had a deep impact on a lot of businesses , but in many cases it has also been a great opportunity to gain markets and grow your business.

If you can negotiate your way forward in difficult times , then there should not be any issue for you to grow once the world are back to normal after the pandemic.

So what does normal look like you might ask, well nothing of what we would agree on before the pandemic, the new normal will of course still be a challenge, but a great one if you are up to it.

In some cases when I have had a dialogue with a client, they have a tendency just to complain, and that is of course ok to a curtain level, but I always encourage them to try a see a solution or at least what the see as a remedy to their issues.

Some clients just need a bit of guidance in other cases you need to help them see the light in the end of the tunnel, and if things are as bad as they say and they have to close one door, we’ll then you need to help them open another door into the future.

Now it is time to plan for 2022, some of us are up at full speed and will hit 2022 running while others are looking for their feats and hope to find some footing before things tend to slide too much in the wrong direction.

If you need help speculating regarding your options or how to tackle som great opportunities or issues in 2022, then let us know.

We can share a lot of experiences without disclosing who the client is, because your are seldom alone with your issues, Thera are a lot of companies in the same situation as you, for better or for worse.

Christopher Bell Blomquist Consulting
Managing Director
Lead Negotiator Consultant
Scotwork Sweden