Point of view

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I recently listen to an audio book about a recent event in history, the interesting part of the story was how involved people decided to respond to the critical event that was developing around them.

It is quite often that we can find event in real life and reflect on what would be a proper and improper way of responding to it and what action that would be best to take or not.

For some people it is natural to respond directly regardless of situation, other really need to analyze and take time to decide what option that are right to do or not.

In many cases you can with the benefit of hindsight say what was wrong or not to do, and that is really an unfair way of making any conclusions to the people involved.

If you really want to compare your own way of making a decision it should be done with the same type of time pressure and limit information, add to that other persons actions for better and for worse.

In many cases it is a matter of perspective of the different issues and situation, and how you decide to look at it, stress is an major factor that tends to make us react with our spine, not always with the best solution as an outcome in mind.

How we make and take decisions is in many cases more about who we are, rather than what to do or not, in many cases it is great to be more than one working together, especially if you have diffrent views of the matter at hand.

Embrace different personalities, try to understand their point of view, it might alter your own way of how to look at the problems you are trying to solve, there is a reason why it is called “point of view”, literately.

If you find yourself in an argument with someone else, then it could be a good idea to start of by saying, ” from where I stand it looks like…..” by doing that you open up for an collaborative dialog on how to proceed instead of digging in from different angels.

Many conflicts ar more about people not listening to each other and focusing of only one way of resolving it, instead of trying to understand different views that together can give you a better “helicopter view” of the conflict at hand.

Stay safe
Christopher Bell Blomquist Consulting
Managing Director
Lead Negotiator Consultant
Scotwork Sweden