Fishers Business Change Curve


Most of us have felt the impact of change, in many different ways, during these difficult times due to the pandemic.

Some of us are anxious or angry, a few are depressed, many ask a lot of questions and others are trying out different solutions to get moving again.

In the end some of us will find a new way of dealing with these difficult times, while others will stay confused and angry for a while, not able to find their way forward in this maze of choices that has to be made, not without some kind of help at least.

In my own case I have had my fair share of the change curve, I have also been put in a position of making choices in what way my business model should work in the future.

All my clients that I work with also had to deal with the new situation, and they also had to rethink or at least figure out what to do or not to do, regarding clients and their future business model.

In some cases it’s been a low impact on some companies, but in most cases we can see that if you are not directly impacted by the pandemic, your customers or clients can surely be at risk.

I also run some leadership, development trainings for different companies and has done so for a period where we started of meeting face to face at a conference center, now we are running ours trainings over a virtual platform successfully since 2 month back.

In other cases, we have had a 3 day virtual training with a group of people from different countries that we converted from running at a conference center to on-line.

Other clients that we have, has decided to wait or postpone our trainings to a later date, because they prefer to do our trainings face to face.

In other cases they have decided to move forward towards virtual trainings due to that they are conducting all their business from home or over virtual meetings.

The latest development is that they are now looking for a combination of both virtual and face to face meetings in smaller groups, with some rigorous safe and healthy guidelines.

For those of you that are not familiar with Fishers Change Curve for business I would strongly recommend taking a look at it, there is quite a lot of insight into what we all are going through for the time being, and how to get moving again.

Basically it gives you an understanding of what is happening when change is up on you for different reasons, and the stage you might be in and what you have to do to get moving again

It’s not anything you can skip or jump over, its stages you have to pass through, in some cases it will be fast, but in other cases you might get stuck.

My advice to you is to take some help regarding moving forward and to analyze in what stage you are, or where your employees or clients are.

If it’s your management that are struggling, then I suggest you take some time explain the change model, it will give you and your company some help moving forward.

It’s not the first time in history people or companies has to change due to external factors, it’s more a matter of how fast you will move through the different stages

If your clients are struggling, it might help build an understanding in how to proceed when you have to decide how to handle different clients from now on.

Even the best clients can suddenly get into trouble, in some cases you might decide to help them in other cases it might be you that needs help.

Sooner or later happy days will be again, and we all will decide what to do next, who to trust, and who to build stronger relations with.

Stay safe.

Christopher Bell Blomquist Consulting
Managing Director
Lead Negotiator Consultant
Scotwork Sweden.

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