Fake News?


Difficult as it is, it is close to impossible to always secure you really have the facts you need and that you really can trust the different sources around you.

Most of our views are based on assumptions , and most of these assumptions are really not questioned enough, not only by other but especially by our self.

In some cases I have decided to have an view on a matter recently, I have taken the time to try and see the issues from different angles and build myself a platform of knowledge before deciding what is right and what is wrong,

On top of that I have tried to keep an open mind to the matters, before actually deciding what my point of view should be, and once that is established , then I have tried to dispute myself by looking for information that contradict my point taken.

Interesting enough I haver actually managed to alter my view, in matters , especially when it has been confirmed from different sources both in person and from official sources.

There is actually an patern to follow, and a structure based on information I gathered way back in my early twenties when I was learning a concept from the United States.

It can actually be applied in any form of conflict, severe or not, even in an sales or negotiation situation, where each party has his or her own view of the matter at hand.

I have even managed to try it out with other people and found it actually works in altering people views on matter without getting in to an argument about it, its not about manipulating anyone, its more about adding information in peaces in such away you don’t offend anyone.

It has also given me the insight in decision making and how the brains work regarding taking a decision or problem solving an issue.

Once you find yourself actually being aware of the faults you are easily able to do in your process of making your mind up, and if you decide to follow a few principles every time you are up against someone else’s opinion, then you are probably better of then most people around you.

Most of us ar lazy enough to decide what is right or wrong in a split second and prepared to defend that opinion to the bitter end, especially if its and official dispute on a social media or in a business relationship around us.

My next step is actually to test my concept in different situations, just to see if it is actually working or if there are situations where it actually makes issues worse.

I understand it sound cryptic, but its is mind blowing to think I have actually cracked the code and stumbled onto a concept well worth training people in as a business concept in regard of sales and procurement.

It might even be good enough in politics and sorting out issues between well dug in counterparts refusing to budge regardless of arguments bombarding them from all sides.

Misstakes are probably the best way of learning anything, for me its been a life time of misstakes that slowly has led me to an conclusion well worth testing in a safe haven of friends and trusted clients.

In the end its amazes me that there is still concepts to discover, strangely enough I have not seen anyone trying to document it and commercialize it in any way, but it might be an dead end, once you really put it under pressure.

Who knows , I might just have given you an impression of that I have news without really having anything to show, but if I can make you interested enough I might even be able to lure you into investing in my concept without really having anything to show, or do I?

Fake news are sadly way too often a way to make people loose their life savings, in some cases its become a totally new industry and way to many dishonest people get away with it, due to that our authorities , don’t have the resources to stop it.

Make sure you have the facts straight next time you decide to do anything, its way to easy to be distracted, if you are unsure in any way , make sure you have some one you can trust around you to ask, and make sure they know what they are talking about.

If its too good to be true, it probably is.

Bell Blomquist Consulting
Managing Director