Back To Business?


Time to plan ahead I suppose, business is picking up again and quite fast gaining momentum, but are we trough, are we safe, or are we in the middle of the eye of  a hurricane?

Well it’s too early to say, but nevertheless we need to keep going and it’s no longer an option to lock down and wait, that strategy has been tested to the breaking point and we can all agree it’s no longer an option.

Quite recently I was asked to help out at a company that needed to reach its targets before end of 2020, a situation a lot of companies need to address with the short time-span left considering we only have 3 month left before end of 2020.

I spent a couple of days with them in August and I am going back in October to keep up helping them until the end of the year by being an outside recourse giving them advice in everything from collaboration, to how to taget customers and their business.

Most of my advice is proven before by experience, not always my own but from best practice and from what have been successful within other businesses I have worked with over the years.

One basic principle I always follow is that I only give advice I would use myself and that I can explain why I think it would be an good idea to follow, some of the advise might be what other would call ” streetsmart advise” other are more of well known basic principles that are taught in more acknowledge business models around the world.

In my line of work as a consultant I meet with everything from global companies to family businesses with employees from anywhere around three persons to thousands of employees.

I also work with a lot of different cultures and languages due to that clients are from both Scandinavia and EU but also from Asia and other parts of the world.

I actually find myself privileged to have the honor to work with so many different cultures, companies, communities and countries, not to say with with different personalities and attitudes.

2020 has been very interesting so far and it will probably become even more interesting before the end of the year, business is picking up and new opportunities are reveling them selfs along the road one by one.

It’s difficult to say what triggers these business opportunities , but it is a combination of hard work over time and luck I suppose, even tough luck rarely has anything to do with the end result if you ask me.

I must also point out that there is no easy road to success for anyone of us, it’s all down to hard work and being persistent in what you do every day and what you choose to focus on.

The more difficult the road seems to be, the smaller steps you have to take every day to keep on moving forward even tough you might not be able to see the end of the road or the light in the end of the tunnel.

Stubborn is another word, being flexible is another but also being able to be creative and open to new possibilities along the road, due to that options might turn up as you go rather than being waiting for you when you pass by them.

Churchill is one I admire for his stamina, Marcus Aurelius is another historic person I find myself reading from time to time, both of them are well worth reading over and over again.

I must end by saying, I am really looking forward for the next 3 month, and I hope they will unfold in the way I have planed it, if not I am sure I will be coming back in my next blogg telling you how hubris got the better of me.

Being confident is one thing, being an optimist is another, but it might be better to just stay realistic or at least as close to earth and make sure issues and opportunities stays on track until these unsure times passes by.

Hopefully  we all can get back to business again without having to worry to much about the future, or near future at least, one thing is for sure, some of us need a breather, a brake to find energy to keep going.

Not everyone we know will survive these difficult times, not everyone will stay healthy, lets hope we are nearly there otherwise we just have to “keep going” as Churchill one said during Second World War

Stay safe

Christopher Bell Blomquist Consulting
Managing Director
Lead Negotiator Consultant
Scotwork Sweden

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