Trust and reputation is more important than ever.


I had the opportunity to hear an amazing story through a business colleague, which I think we can all draw a little lesson from.

The story begins with an ordinary salesman, in a small company, getting a call from Asia. He is asked to deliver a offer for a large solution to several locations in Asia.

The seller takes it up with his boss, who tells him not to spend more time on this request, since they certainly only want a price comparison.

After a couple of weeks, they return with the same request and lets them know that they are coming to visit the company to settle the deal.

The visit is booked with the sales manager, who receives the visitors and they complete a larger deal, with the condition that that specific seller must be responsible for the company’s commitments in Asia and be the representative for all activities in the future.

The buyer does not want to have any other contactperson, than trough the seller, as they have followed  his results for a long time, and seen how he solved a series of complicated deliveries in an successful way, and therefor they trust him and the way he works.

The seller is now in his third year in Asia earning millions.
An interesting business case that we all can learn from.

It is all about trust and reputation.

Christopher Blomquist
Senior Consultant BellBlomquist Consulting.

Lead Tutor Scotwork Scandinavia Sweden.

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