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The last 3 month have been quite busy and I must say very interesting too, compared to what I expected and what I planned for this year.

I also have the possibility to take a step back and reconsider, what we are supposed to focus on and what actually was the end results of everything happening in 2020.

first of all, we are basically doing what we always have done , but its how we are conducting our business that has changed, in a way, not to worse, but in many ways to the better.

A lot of my clients are spread out and it involves a bit of traveling and staying overnight due to traveling is not as easy as before, in my case it limits us to travel by car, and not by train or air.

Even tough I do a lot of trainings and courses for our clients I also do quite a lot of business development for different clients, in some cases they know what they want , but in most cases its more about helping them with different topics due to what they need.

looking forwards it is obvious that our business coaching is becoming more and more popular, it also includes mentoring and coaching leaders and in some cases company boards.

Due to that I have insights in many different businesses in my career and also due to that I have used all the different tips and tricks that I recommend to my clients, it has built a track record of good practice that I can lean back on over and over again.

I have also been doing business in difficult times before and worked actively with targeting important clients in my former responsibilities, so their is quite a toolbox to use due to different circumstances and opportunities, should they arrive.

My advice to anyone regardless of your situation is to ask yourself the following 3 questions regarding your business:

“What can I do that has the biggest impact on my business without any major changes or investments?”
“What can I do and what do I need help with that has the biggest impact on my business?”
“What KPI do I have to focus on to keep up the momentum over time so it does not end up being a one of show?”

Last I would like you to consider the following 3 questions:
“What is it you would like to achieve, what is your end result within 3,6,9 or 12 month, what does success look like for you?

If you have difficulty in answering any of these questions, then don’t worry, ask around with people you know and see what they would answer and try to find some inspiration in what they say to form your own agenda.

If you would like a deeper understanding and help , you can always reach out to us and see what we can help you with, after all that is what we do and thrive to do.

It is really not that complicated.

Christopher Bell Blomquist Consulting
Managing Director
Lead Negotiator Consultant
Scotwork Sweden

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